A Mixture Of Formality and Informality

This is a colourful party usually organized after the legal or religious marriage ceremony is over, after the bride and the groom have made their vows and become husband and wife. The reception is unique in that it offers a chance to those who were in attendance to come together, come closer to the groom and bride. Friends, families, and others in attendance will come and greet the couple for the first time as a married couple, and as such, it is an event that is characterized by pomp and colour.


Wedding receptions ought to be very colourful since it is here that people come together to celebrate the success of the day, and congratulate the couple. Traditionally, it is for the hosts to come up with what foods and drinks are going to be taken by the guests. Other than eating drinking and the pomp, there is also plenty of entertainment. Some organizers hire opera singers, or live bands to entertain the guests during meals.

Memorable Wedding Receptions

What makes this reception so fantastic and memorable is the fact that one can choose to have it anywhere they deem appropriate. Some superb wedding receptions have been held in the beach or in wild settings where there are animals and birds in the vicinity. Other than the freedom to decide where to hold the event, the choice of foods too is quite flexible, depending on the culture and customs of the organizers. The meal may range from non alcoholic drinks, to expensive wines and multi course meals.


A wedding reception order sets the schedule of all activities to be performed on this event, and makes things flow as planned. It is needed to ensure that none of the traditional activities are forgotten. The fact that most of these receptions are held in the afternoon means that the event may go well into the night, and unless there's an order or guide of some sort, some things may be forgotten, or done haphazardly.